YouTube Videos For Business!

What Is Video Marketing?

The Use of YouTube Videos to Create Traffic & Increase Sales!

“Video marketing is the strategic creation of a video, designed to communicate a message, and produce an emotional response.”

Call me at 310.592.1813 or email me at and I’ll place your YouTube video on the first page of Google in 4 to 8 weeks or your money back!

Video Marketing as the ability to bring traffic, improve conversion and increase sales through the effective use of YouTube videos. Your YouTube video on the 1st Page of Google is your billboard by the Freeway! TM.  It’s seen by thousand of people 24/7. It’s doing advertisement 24/7. Your YouTube video is also advertising for you 24/7 to 1000s of people who are searching online ONLY if it’s on the first page of Google! for a fraction of the cost (of a billboard)!

A beautiful video that nobody can see is of little or no use and value… Your Home Page video needs to be seen by thousand of people! and the First Page of Google is the “big screen” that will give you the exposure you want!

Your YouTube video on Google‘s 1st Page =

Traffic & Sales = more $$$

“Get your YouTube video Billboard on the Google Highway!” TM


Benefits of Video Marketing:

  1. Your YouTube video on the 1st page of Google has the “eye balls” of thousands peoples on it!
  2. Your YouTube video on the 1st page of Google is your billboard by the freeway at a very small fration of the cost!
  3. The average monthly rate of a billboard is between $1,000 to $10,000 a month. The billboards on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood run $10,000 per month.
  4. Billboards are ONLY viewed by local traffic.
  5. Your Video Billboard by the Google Freeway” TM has national AND international views!!!
  6. Your Video Billboard by the Google Highway” TM can have thousand of views a day!!!
  7. and it creates
  8. Attention (providing a good thumbnail)
  9. Credibility because you show you can help them to solve their challenges or problems. Use the good content-customer benefits oriented testimonials on your video.
  10. Authority because you show that you can explain your visitors their problems, challenges, wants and needs in a better way they can do it! This means you know their challenges even better than them. You walk(ed) the talk!
  11. Trust, because is showing before the world that you can do what you promise.
  12. You make a connection with your prospect clients before even they go to your site!
  13. You get to explain in a clear way what is your product or service.

There is a new cyber real estate currency: a YouTube video on Google’s 1st page! Your video on the first page of Google is a synonym of traffic and sales. Fill up your YouTube video information below to get it fast on the 1st page of Google!

A YouTube video on the 1st page of Google is like a giant billboard by the 405 freeway! Thousand of  Google searchers will see it!

People are 5 times more likely to click on the thumbnail of a YouTube video on the 1st page of Google than on any other single line of text search result. In 2014 50% of the searches will be from videos!

A beautiful YouTube video without views is like a beautiful woman unappreciated in a deserted island… 


I will place your YouTube videos on the 1st page of Google. Then your videos will have the “eye balls” (exposure) and traffic they deserve. It’s your responsibility to have the necessary items that will make your videos compelling and covert that traffic on paid customers.A well done video creates credibility, trust and authority. This authority is not the number of certification or degrees of studies you have but the authority that gives you because your ability to solve your customers problems, needs and/or challenges!
Two happy clients talk about how I took their sites, blogs and YouTube videos from “nowhere to be found to the 1st page of Google!” Our Video Production AND on the 1st page of Google!

Enter your information below for a quotation to place your YouTube video on the 1st page of Google.

Time frame in weeks you want your YouTube video on Google’s 1st page: 2,3,4,5 or 6 weeks (Not guaranteed but I’ll try hard!)

Video Marketing Los Angeles – Your You Tube Video 1st on Google!

Transcription of the video testimonial of some clients below:

“And it wasn’t difficult to find that video in You Tube at all because Carlos has the ability to place YouTube videos on the first page of Google.”

“I recently hired Carlos to get my websites and videos on the first page of Google. This is also one of my videos that he got on the first page of Google. This one right here was the third one on the first page of Google.”

“I was going through a difficult situation. I looked on line and I was searching a number of things. I found a video that Carlos had put on line, on the 1st page of Google, and it lead me to find the solution of my problem.”

“I asked Carlos to manage my websites and You Tube videos and see if he could get my on top places on Google searches.  Lo and behold he got my videos on number one position, which was something amazing actually, because nobody has been able to do that so far.”

“I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t sure if he could place my videos on the first page of Google or not. Since he offered the money back guarantee I figure “what I have to loose”. I actually hire him to do it. I show you a couple of things he was able to do: this is my website right here, it'[s on the first page of Google. This is also one of my videos that Carlos got on Google.”

“Over the years I had many people looking after my websites and they got pretty mediocre results for a high price.

Carlos actually had a guarantee, He guaranteed that he will get the videos I was providing him to number one on Google, other wise he didn’t get paid.

“One thing that really got me is that he also offered a money back guarantee if he can’t get your site, blog or You Tube video on the first pager of Google. That really helps well.”

‘That was terrific for me because I got more traffic and I got definitely more sales from being number one on Google. I can highly recommend him.”

“Having worked with Carlos for quite of few years from now on my website, he proven to me that he can put videos on the first page of Google. For instance if you look here, that is my company’s video there, Fireplace Screen Doors in the first page of Google.

Also for other clients, for instance for this keyword; it’s all based on keywords, so you give him the keyword and he will make it go to number one.

This keyword is “how to heal a broken heart”, it’s the only video on the first page of Google, as well as for the “how to heal a heart” keyword phrase search. This video got to over 5,000 views in about 8 months.

Go to ‘natural weight loss los angeles”; the first two are client’s of Carlos and those two videos are his clients as well. He is dominating these keyword sector.

Here there is another one: “alternative neck cancer treatment”: first two videos!

You can check them up, Google those keyword phrases for your self and can have a look at them.”

“If you have any need to be in the first on Google, who doesn’t, then you should call Carlos and get him work on your websites and videos and you’ll be number one!”

Do you walk the talk?

June 25th, 2013 Update:

Today I Googled “video marketing los angeles” and I found that the 8th fist places are my YouTube videos (4), Facebook page, this very site and 2 blogs! 🙂

  1. My Video Marketing Los Angeles Facebook page 1st:
  2. 2nd to 4th, the 4 only videos on this 1st page, my video marketing Los Angeles clients testimonials and my”Get Your Video Billboard On The Google Freeway!” TM 4 min speech at the Santa Monica Library.
  3. then, 6th, 7th and 8th places, this very site, and my two video marketing blogs in and
  4. below, two sites from my competition 🙂

video marketing Los Angeles Google search


video marketing los angeles google search first page

If you Google “video marketing los angeles” 2 of my YouTube videos are on 1st page of Google:

1st and 2nd places for the organic searches; right below the Adwords or paid searches. Then my Facebook page is on 6th place and my blog is on 9th place. (as of 05/21-13)

Screen shot taken on 05-10-13. My 2 videos are 1st and 2nd! after the Adwords.

video marketing for business los angeles_


On this screen shot, 04-23-13, my YouTube videos are 2nd and 4th:

"Video Marketing Los Angeles" YouTube video marketing for business
“Video Marketing Los Angeles” Google search


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    1. Frank,

      Nowadays it takes between 8 to 12 weeks. Google dictates this waiting time.
      It’s impossible to reduce it!

      Thank for your question.


    1. Jean, because

      1. searchers are most likely to click on the thumbnail of a video than on single line search result
      2. most people like to watch a video that provides the information for the solution they are looking for rather than read
      3. 25 to 40% of hits are from mobile phones. Mobile users also prefer to watch a video

      Thank you for your question Jean!


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