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Your Video Produced & Placed 1st on Google!

We use visual auditory and kinesthetic modalities to convey clients messages in compelling video productions. Below are just some examples of videos we have created from script to completion and placement on the 1st page of Google:

  • Richard is our copywriter and develops an original and compelling script based on our clients information AND our research. We often surprise clients with what we create because we can look at the subject from a fresh perspective. This is, after all what an advertising agency does for a living.
  • Either Richard or another spokesperson records the face-to-camera presentation so that we use a person that can create empathy with the audience. We don’t feel animated characters create the same bond with the viewer except in limited circumstances.
  • The next step is to add testimonials. This is a potent addition to a convincing and authentic promotion for your business. Having genuine users of your product or service talk about their good experiences is as close to word-of-mouth advertising as you can get. It pays dividends, and the more you have the less resistance your prospect will have to making a purchase. You can record the testimonials yourself or if you are in the Los Angeles or Boston areas we can do this for you.
  • Editing is completed in-house and often uses green-screen techniques to maximum control and effect. Sometimes a simpler video is called for and takes less time to complete. Once completed the  Search Engine Optimization begins and  videos uploaded on to YouTube are optimized onto the first page of Google and YouTube searches It usually takes me 2 day to 2 weeks. On occasions, when the competition is very high, it might take me up to 4 weeks to place a video on Google’s 1st page.

Each of the following videos is found on the 1st page of Google
AND YouTube searches:

“small dog harness vest”
“small bus tour rental california”


“Manhattan Beach homes for sale”
“martha’s vineyard house for sale”

Example of Video Intro with Power Point Presentation in Big Screen Monitor
Uploaded In Vimeo HD

Four Trailers of Video Interviews at the “Healing Cancer In This Century”

“best life coach quincy ma”

“overcome fear of public speaking los angeles”

“what is crm software?”

“stop smoking boston” “quit smoking honolulu” 

“tax preparation orlando”

“brain nutrition certification

“your video billboard vy the google highway”

“no contract cell/best prepaid cell phone plan la”

My SeOS homepage video intro

Ironforge’s Custom Fireplace Screens Intro

The Cure To Cancer Conference 2014

“fear of public speaking courses quincy”

“art classes children el segundo”

“overcome fear of public speaking los angeles”

“mini cooper service los angeles

“chemo jacket by homa

“Prescription Medication Addiction Center

“Integrated Health International Conference 2015

“World Summit of Integrative Medicine 2015

“Healing For This Century

“Preventing Healing Cancer

“How to Make Alkaline Water With Baking Soda

“Ideal Protein Weight Loss

“Edgartown homes for sale

“homes for sale Del Aire ca

“Despertando El Corazon Iluminado


Your Money Back Guaranteed!!!

Our SEO strategy service to place your YouTube videos on the first page of Google are guaranteed. If we are not able to place your video on Google’s 1st page, we don’t get paid!

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