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    Growing awareness of benefits of muscle testing in holistic healthcare

    After German New Medicine, and various versions of META holistic methods using muscle testing, many more people understood what a real asset muscle testing, any of 20 methods, is.

    German New Medicine led people to understand why it’s so useful and practical to employ a method of self-testing, kinesiology muscle testing.

    In the 1970s Touch for Health promoted muscle testing as a safe, cheap and reliable method for acknowledging, exploring, identify–and even treating–invisible-unconscious content. Muscle testing became established in holistic healthcare methods and client sessions; no effective competing method has even come close since; however, people’s understanding of the benefits of muscle testing remained very vague, especially among consumers. After German New Medicine, the benefits are easier to articulate.

    First of all, outside of accident-trauma medicine, the target disturbances in holistic health are invisible-unconscious almost 100% of the time. A useful number here is 90% of all healthcare concerns track back to at least some causative factors which are invisible-unconscious. We inevitably have less language to describe and track invisible content.

    Second both client and practitioner are often initially unaware of any causative factors or good therapeutic direction. Many sessions begin in total ignorance. Therapeutic meaning has to be created wholesale. A practitioner’s main job is often to uncover, find and follow a line of inquiry, along a workable therapeutic direction.

    Thirdly, testing is a real asset as clients often use ‘avoidance speech’ and ‘denial speech’ patterns to obscure from their own mind aspects of personal responsibility and due diligence they have omitted or missed. No one likes admitting they have neglected their own self care.

    This adds up to the following situation: It’s often challenging to acknowledge, identify, explore and address invisible-unconscious content.

    In the last few years, awareness seems to be growing among practitioners who do muscle test, how the soft underbelly of clinical problems is often as simple as;

    – Lack of willingness to heal in the client’s inner child,

    – Lack of healthy unconsicous boundaries and/or over-giving,

    – Unresolved memories from earlier in life.

    These above are increasingly obvious as major patterns of invisible-unconscious disturbance.

    Practitioner ignorance and client verbal defenses tend to keep us stuck in psychological conversations. What do we want? More practical conversations: what issues are bothering these biological cells; what can be done to remove this stress; what learning, lesson or maturing-up pertains here?

    Experienced practitioners use self-testing, kinesiology muscle testing, to cut through defensive client and ignorance of practitioner and client.

    Robert Waghmare of META Kinetics discusses “analog kinesiology” open to a range of responses in contrast to “binary kinesiology” looking only for “yes~no” responses.

    This idea is fleshed out in more natural, accessible biological detail in the HealingToolbox idea of how kinesiology does nothing more than expand on how our immune system tests; for example, how our small intestine villi test 24 hours a day, “Your Small Intestine is testing 24 hours a day”

    On the whole, the future looks bright for the use of self-testing, muscle testing in the paradigms of both Second Order Science (strictly result-oriented applications) and in the paradigm of Third Order Science (self-testing done in the context of ‘God is my Partner’ incorporating the purposes of soul growth and maturing-up).

    META Kinetics – An Introduction by Robert Waghmare

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